These works are a reaction to the absurdity, multiplicity and fluidity of being. I paint. I paint forms over and over. I paint as I would wash the floor, without thought or hesitation. I study these painted forms and draw them out as I would brush my hair, stroke by stroke. I pour forms out, they are limitless, they are plaster, they are bone. In this I am in a cycle of creating objects of self, continuously deconstructing, expanding and re-growing. It’s this growth that reconstitutes the borders of my being.

As a woman, society has made claims on my physical and mental presence, so though I am held within a body I love, it is a body that moves under the confines of systematic censorship. Through labour and repetition, domestic work and ritual self care become tools to nurture and free the body. Synthesizing these repetitive rituals of the domestic through the process of creating, these multiples engage a sense of collection—a gathering of self.

You may enter the space, you should feel welcome within this shared environment, but these pieces are not object but subject. Dealing with my own inability to connect seemingly enigmatic and anamorphic fragments of identity, I create these host bodies in which to pour and bind self to;letting these fragments have the unspoken conversations that the ‘I’ can not. The work, in its multiplicity of forms and objects, acts as a way to reclaim space, negating the societal structures that encourage my containment.


2019 Ontario Collage of Art and Design University, Toronto.BFA Drawing and Painting

2015   Kensington Art Academy, Sara Sniderhan Workshop


2020 Time Will Tell, 2gallery, Picton, CAN

2020 Artist Project, Better Living Centre, Toronto, CAN (Untapped Competition Finalist)

2020 VAM's  42 Annual Juried Show, Art Gallery of Mississauga

2019 EXUBERANT, Women'sArt Association, Toronto, CAN

2019 GRADEX, OCADUniversity, Toronto, CAN

2018 FRUTTI –Fruits of Our Labour, OCAD University, Toronto, CAN

2018 Awenda Inspired, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, CAN

2018 Emulsion2, 14 Bonifacio Lupi, Firenze, ITL

2017  Emulsion,14 Bonifacio Lupi, Firenze, ITL

2017 Afterschool Presents: Anywhere Anytime, Toronto, CAN

2016 Juried Celebration of First Year, OCADUniversity,Toronto, CAN

2015 KAA Group Show, Ingram Gallery,Toronto, CAN


Ingram Gallery, Toronto, CAN

Equitable Bank, Toronto, CAN


2017-18 Self-Directed Studio, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Florence, Italy. 


Medal for Drawing and Painting, OCAD University 2019

Nora E. Vaughan Award, OCAD University 2019


99.3 Country FM, Artscene: Sarah Moran's Interview with Gillian Toliver, October 2020

Interview: The Artist & The Viewer, Interview with GillianToliver, Third Issue, June 2019

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